Friday, April 16, 2010

Do-over Day!

I’ve often said, “Enjoy today - make it your best day ever because we don’t get a do-over!” But today’s different – it's a do-over day! Here’s why - I’ll begin the day in Sydney, Australia, then fly to Hawaii tonight - actually arriving in Honolulu – this morning! Because of crossing over the international dateline, it’s a do-over day!

Wouldn’t it be great if we had do-over days? Think of the possibilities. Impatient with your child before school? Do-over! Snapped at your spouse for working late? Do-over! Missed an opportunity to show kindness to a stranger? Didn’t take time to share that cup of coffee with a friend? Tasks not completed? Passed on the exercise class? Do-over!

Granted, it’s an unusual circumstance to actually do-over a day, but it’s not too late to place at least one or two priorities on our list each day, every day – love others, choose joy, show kindness, and yes, the biggie – patience. Regardless if your day’s just beginning in Australia - or ending in the States, we can begin now.

If only I could do-over yesterday’s television appearance on the Morning Show in Sydney! I can think of a thousand things I “could-a/would-a” said on their “Happy Families” personality segment! Urgh! Oh well, as we know, not every day’s a do-over. Sometimes we just have to accept that we did our best and tomorrow – thank goodness - we’ll get another shot.

Until then, may this be your best day – or two – ever!