Wednesday, November 20, 2013

BTL Marriage Maintenance Tip #1!

MARRIAGE MAINTENANCE TIP #1: Lay a solid foundation first - before your home base begins to crumble. Is your marriage BUILT TO LAST? Just like our houses - we have to be very intentional with ongoing maintenance to prevent costly repairs.
Be intentional in your marriage today!

Blessings to your marriage!
Dale and Susan Crook

Monday, September 30, 2013


This is one of the most difficult messages I’ll ever write.  I wanted to let you know that due to complications from a fall yesterday afternoon, my dad, Dean Wright, passed away.  He began the day yesterday as a typical unassuming day – breakfast, getting dressed, enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  Little did he know – little did we know – it would be his last.

Two weeks ago, my stepmom called and asked if I would come to Newton to help them with a few difficult decisions.  I knew that with my busy travel/speaking schedule, Madison’s volleyball games, homework, meals, “To Do” lists, etc. - it would be difficult to take a few days off.  But…as we know - isn’t it amazing how God works?  My stepmom called, God nudged my heart, my schedule cleared, and I grabbed my suitcase.

Those few days two weeks ago were some of our best memories.  We visited doctors, picked out a retirement villa, laughed, ate fried chicken and ice cream, and almost went for Chiefs temporary tattoos. :)
God knew what was ahead and He blessed us with unexpected, unplanned, memories for the unknown future we were about to encounter.  He knows the days of our lives – the alpha and the omega.  The end was near, much to our unawareness.

I could say many things about my dad’s life, but the four most important words I can say with confidence is that “he is in heaven.”  He loved the Lord, read his Bible, and was never shy or reluctant to pray in public.  His witness was a testimony to shine for God while we walk on this earth - all the numbered days of our lives.

Thank you for the many kind comments and prayers today.  I felt everyone of them.  Please continue to pray for all the uncertainties, while we place our faith in God’s guidance.

And one more thing - cherish this day.  We don’t know what is in store 24 hours from now.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to School Quandaries

"I hate school and I'm not going!" Katie shouted, stomped to her room, and slam!

"Oh boy, here we go again," Katie’s mom sighed, "What do I do?"
That’s right!  It's that time again - BACK-TO-SCHOOL!  For some, that's really good news; for others, it's the plague of death.
So, just what do we do when our kids struggle with school?  Sure we can force them to go, but the real question is why don't they want to go?  If there's not a legitimate issue that needs to be dealt with (bullies, inadequate comprehension, etc.), then let's consider strategies that will motivate our kids to look forward to school.

We motivate our kids when we understand our kids.  When we understand how our children tick and specifically interact with others, they feel loved and accepted for who they are. 

Everyone falls into one of two categories – task-oriented or people-oriented.  First - is your child outgoing and fast-paced, or more reserved and slower-paced?  It’s important to know the difference if we want to motivate effectively. 

Let’s begin by discussing our “people-oriented” personality styles. Using the “D-I-S-C” Model of Human Behavior, we'll see where your child fits in. 
For example, does your child enjoy friends?  We’ll take it a step further - would this be a lot of friends (party atmosphere) - or just one or two close friends in a more secluded, quiet environment? 

If your child’s focus is to be popular and around lots of friends, you may have an interactive “I” child.  Talk to them about it - better yet, let them talk about it (they love to talk!).  Plan an afternoon to listen to their stories, shop for the latest fashions (remember popularity and attention is key to them), and mention the fun, high-energy activities with their friends.  Give them a chance to burn energy after school each day.  Sitting still most of the day is difficult!

Perhaps your child is more reserved, would rather spend time with one or two thoughtful and caring friends.  You may have a sweet “S” child.  Plan a get-together before school starts with that supportive friend.  Maybe they can walk to school together.  Help them feel “safe” and “secure” (note the “S” words here).  Let them know how much you support them and will be there for them at the end of each day – ready to help with whatever they need.  Plan a little rest and quiet time after school.  Being around a lot of action throughout the day can wear them out.

Thank goodness we’re all different, but not all kids feel comfortable with these differences.  Build them up for who they are – and you build up their self-esteem - for a lifetime!
Next article - we’ll discuss our “task-oriented” kids!  Stay tuned!

Personality Insights for Moms - Winner - "BEST Parenting Book of the Year" award.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Time for a Break!

Time for a break. I've been speaking/traveling almost every single day for the last eight months. As of this last weekend, my daughter's wedding is complete - with God's blessings. Now, I see a hammock in my backyard calling my name.
Time to grab my iced tea and laptop and get back to writing. Working on a marriage book - any personality conflict stories to share?  Email me!

How about you? Is your schedule too loaded down? Time for a break? Only YOU can determine that. Only YOU can MAKE it happen. Go on - give it a try. What kind of break are you going to take? Even a small one can make a difference!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Jesus - Left Behind?

Loved teaching the Nazarene Adult Sunday School curriculum this week from Luke 2:41-52. Interesting how 12-year-old Jesus was "left behind" at the Temple. Question - Do we do that, too?  Is Jesus "left behind" when we head out the door each morning? May we all be determined to take Jesus with us everywhere we go today!