Friday, June 29, 2012

Skin Cancer Warning

Most people today are aware that a "glowing tan" is life-threatening! Yet, I overheard a teenage girl recently say one of the things on this summer's "bucket list" was to get a dark tan. I was shocked. 

Awareness is key, follow-through can be life-saving. A few standard tips:
  • Avoid the sun between 10-4 pm 
  • Wear a high SPF sunblock
  • REPEAT the sunblock throughout the day
  • Seek shade when possible
  • Do NOT get a tan by the sun or tanning bed (try self-tanning lotion instead)
I've had skin cancer removed from my nose, chest, and melanoma on my back. (One person dies of melanoma every hour.) Thank goodness it was caught early, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. 

Enjoy the summer - using common sense. It's serious business. I'm certain you have loved ones who would appreciate having you around for a long time, rather than a summer tan (that eventually FADES anyway!).

Spread the word - and spread the sunblock! 

This could be YOUR story. Let's pray for this lady: Skin cancer patient shares hard-learned lessons | Local News - KMBC Home

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stay-cation In My Backyard

Grabbing my iced tea, a good book, and my favorite music.  Yes, a stay-cation! Maybe we can't all take an extravagant vacation this summer, but why not enjoy our own backyards?  God's beauty is everywhere.  Let's find a spot and begin by counting our blessings this week. 

What blessings? 1) Air-to-breathe; 2) It's summertime; 3) God loves us more than we can imagine; and 4) we're more beautiful to Him than these flowers.  His love for us FLOWS like the creek in my backyard.  Enjoy this specific day, weekend, month - never to be repeated again!