Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Knight

He is an amazing husband. We kissed good-bye as I hurried to find my ice-covered car parked on the opposite side of the hospital parking lot (visiting our daughter, Stacia). Battling the freezing wind chill, I jumped inside my car, fired up the heater, and began checking my emails while waiting for the thick layers of ice to melt. 

Suddenly, Dale's face appeared through the streaks of ice on my windshield! Without hesitation, he had methodically tracked down my parking space, jumped out with his ice scraper in hand (imagine a Power Ranger Megaforce sword here), and BAM - began scraping, maneuvering, over-powering the ice - until victory! The ice didn't stand a chance. Then off he went - back to his car! Before I knew it - he was gone. Out of sight. Will we ever meet again?!?!

Yes. At dinner. He'll be starved.

These are the precious moments in time - I'll never forget. I love this guy. What a dude.