Monday, September 30, 2013


This is one of the most difficult messages I’ll ever write.  I wanted to let you know that due to complications from a fall yesterday afternoon, my dad, Dean Wright, passed away.  He began the day yesterday as a typical unassuming day – breakfast, getting dressed, enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  Little did he know – little did we know – it would be his last.

Two weeks ago, my stepmom called and asked if I would come to Newton to help them with a few difficult decisions.  I knew that with my busy travel/speaking schedule, Madison’s volleyball games, homework, meals, “To Do” lists, etc. - it would be difficult to take a few days off.  But…as we know - isn’t it amazing how God works?  My stepmom called, God nudged my heart, my schedule cleared, and I grabbed my suitcase.

Those few days two weeks ago were some of our best memories.  We visited doctors, picked out a retirement villa, laughed, ate fried chicken and ice cream, and almost went for Chiefs temporary tattoos. :)
God knew what was ahead and He blessed us with unexpected, unplanned, memories for the unknown future we were about to encounter.  He knows the days of our lives – the alpha and the omega.  The end was near, much to our unawareness.

I could say many things about my dad’s life, but the four most important words I can say with confidence is that “he is in heaven.”  He loved the Lord, read his Bible, and was never shy or reluctant to pray in public.  His witness was a testimony to shine for God while we walk on this earth - all the numbered days of our lives.

Thank you for the many kind comments and prayers today.  I felt everyone of them.  Please continue to pray for all the uncertainties, while we place our faith in God’s guidance.

And one more thing - cherish this day.  We don’t know what is in store 24 hours from now.