Thursday, August 10, 2017

Back-to-School Success

Students can achieve confidence and success when it’s "Back to School" time according to their D-I-S-C personality type:
  • "D" types strive for power and control – and to win in all circumstances (sports, lunch line leader, playground boss, student council president). They can be great leaders (if UNDER control) or great bullies (if OUT of control). Help them discover their leadership opportunities (but stay invisible and step back – keeping it “their” idea – while they run the show).
  • "I" types relish all-l-l the new friendships and opportunities to show off their latest outfits and backpacks. Surely, all their classmates will be inviting them to their birthday parties soon! (After all, “Isn’t that WH-H-H-Y we go to school?!”) Establish “mini” deadlines for upcoming projects. (The boring and mundane are a pain for these types.) Make it fun (otherwise, they’re done)!
  • "S" types are a bit reluctant for change, but look forward to meeting their new teacher, making a new friend, and helping everyone have a nice school year together. (Hmmm, they wonder. “Maybe I should bring extra goodies to share at lunch.”) This type is so sweet. Help them – help others. (They’ll feel good.)
  • "C" types planned for this new venture all summer. Quite prepared, they’ve calculated how long it'll take to arrive in plenty of time. Their notebooks are precisely organized with tab dividers and a calendar. They’re organized, but cautious - about the upcoming events. (“Will it REALLY be correct?” they wonder.) Give them time to ponder and plan.
Do these personality descriptions sound distinctly familiar? The desire for success and great relationships is not a whole lot different in school – or today at the workplace.

The goal is to understand your own personality type (why you do what you do) – recognize other personality types (why they do what they do), and then work together to build confidence and self-esteem - in Kindergarten - or in the workplace. We never outgrow our personality type, but we can adjust our responses – to achieve true success at any age. 

Happy Back-to-School!

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